Camille enters blog-o-sphere.


Painting In Paradise

Mission Courtyard

Mission Courtyard by Camille Przewodek

It has been a long road of resistance to starting a blog but here I am and this is my first attempt at blogging. I am hoping that this isn’t as much work as a new born baby and the words will flow freely. I have been inspired by my fellow bloggers to enter this world so here goes.

Like Monet, I focus on one location and paint the same scene over and over. Since the light effects are constantly changing, the scene is always engaging. One location that inspires me is the mission at San Juan Capistrano. As I paint this location over time and on different days and times of year, I understand it better and am more able to capture subtle nuances. These are things I would have missed had I only painted it on a single occasion.

Throughout this page, you’ll see paintings done in the same courtyard, under varying light conditions. The first painting (featured above) is a sunny afternoon where everything is bathed in brilliant sunlight. If you compare this painting to Courtyard Sun (below), you can see that the light in this afternoon painting is  yellower when compared to the morning light of Morning Mission Pathway (second below) which is pinker and softer. Comparing Courtyard Sun with Morning Mission Pathway, which were done at approximately the same time in the morning, you will notice that Morning Mission Pathway has more atmosphere. These subtle shifts in color indicate a shift in the light effect, then captured in the painting. Finally (third below), I painted this same scene on a gray day. Ultimately, the light/dark contrast is less and the light planes are cooler. Because the light on this type of day is cooler, the shadow planes in comparison to these cool planes look warmer. This is also the case for the sky which looks  very warm in comparison.

Courtyard Sun

Courtyard Sun by Camille Przewodek

Morning Mission Pathway

Morning Mission Pathway by Camille Przewodek

Mission Gray Day

Mission Gray Day by Camille Przewodek

As a side note, when I was painting this gray day scene I overheard some artists talking near me. They were complaining that there wasn’t anything to paint and they hated this gray day light.  I was having entirely the opposite experience. Gray day light happens to be one of my favorite lights to paint. I am inspired by gray days because, although they are more difficult because of the hard-to-capture subtleties and nuances, they are nonetheless filled with color. I guess you have to paint this light repeatedly to really appreciate it. As the artists were talking, I wanted to stop and explain to these artists the beauty I saw in this gray day. The subtle gray days allow me to fully appreciate the brilliance of sunny days. The infinite variety of light effects found in nature keeps me constantly amazed, coming back to my easel again and again.

10 Responses to “Camille enters blog-o-sphere.”

  1. You rock! I am going to follow your blog and enjoy. xo Peggi

  2. Am I the first comment!? Peggi

  3. Welcome C! love your work to!

  4. Welcome, Camille, great first post!

  5. Love reading your thoughts…Thanks for sharing what you do so well.

    Glad you started the blog, Camille.

  6. congrats on the blog, Camille. You teach us in so many ways! thanks for being innovative in your teaching mediums, and steady and sure in painting approach. love the blog, love your work

  7. 7 Sheila Larsen

    Hi Camille from PA. It’s so pretty here, and I’ve got my paints in the car…just no time yet to slam paint. Things opened up today, so I’m gonna get on the stick. I get inspired to paint when I go to your site. Hoping to get to your blog often so I can glean more for the paintings. I do SO love the art. Put 4 ptgs in a gallery and two have sold! Happy New Year!!! S

  8. 8 Linda Borri

    Love the way you put your beautiful paintings into words.

  9. 9 Sandt

    How much are your classes?

    • My Petaluma Monday classes are $140 if you pay for 4 or $40 per class if you pay by the week. My 5-day workshops in Petauma are $675.

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