Petaluma Street Scene

White Roses 14" x 11" oil on board

White Roses 14″ x 11″ oil on board

Here is a painting of a house in a charming neighborhood in Petaluma, CA, where I live. Shown below is a photo of the actual scene, along with a couple of steps leading up to the finished painting. As you can see, there is no significant color information in the photo. The colors I have chosen to capture the light effect are a result of  years of training and experience painting on location.

Actual scene

Actual scene

Step 1

Step 1

Step 2

Step 2

4 Responses to “Petaluma Street Scene”

  1. Hi Camille, I have long admired your work and it was great to see the interim steps before the completion of this lovely painting. I am wondering if you blocked this in with a brush? That’s what I seem to see. I have studied the Hensche method, and always get stuck on the third or final notes. For example, the choice of the magenta under painting in the shadows of the large front bush and background made complete sense to me, as did the pale purple on the shadow side of the white roses. But then I get stuck mixing the right neutral to go on top. Can you recall what you used to create the neutral on the shadow side of the roses, and the mixture that covered the magenta on the shadow side of the big bush in front? Thanks so much for posting your steps!

  2. 2 Sheila Larsen

    Hence my problem, not starting out w/process taught at the class. Thanks for the update! S

  3. Hi Camille,
    Another beautiful painting. Seeing your starts is always most helpful. It’s setting the stage for the success of the painting, and you do it masterfully. Greetings from Florida where I still have not found fabulous teachers like you but I’m painting a lot nevertheless.

  4. How wonderful to see the step by step process as well as the actual scene and WHOA, the finished painting! Very very nice!

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