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Here are four paintings that I painted in late afternoon light. As you can see the shadows are long and the color of the air is more orange.

Here are three figure studies done outdoors. My goal was to organize the lights and darks and paint these figures in full sun. I exaggerated the warmth of the light planes and initially put a warm pink color to indicate the blue in sunlight and then modified it with a light blue the same value. […]

Developing Larger Paintings Even with a large painting, I set up on location because, from a colorist point of view, there’s no substitute for working from nature. The first 12″ x 16″ study for the larger painting, “Afternoon Mustard” 24″ x 36″ was done in about 2 hours, with my regular plein-air setup. Next, for […]

Here is a step study of my painting, “Parking Lot Splendor.” The photo of the actual scene hints at how so much of the composition and color relationships I arrived at in the finished piece are due to its having been painted on location.