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I never tire of painting this Petaluma, CA location. These are three paintings of the same view. Each painted in very different light keys. Light Key:  Late Afternoon The colors are oranger than the morning light.   Light Key:  Gray Day  Colors are subtler.   Light Key:  Early Morning Sun  Colors are softer than the […]

Each month, I feature a painting at a special rate. The painting below is this month’s painting. Easton Landscape, 9″ x 12″  To find out the special price, go to my website:

In this post, I am going to describe what my 5-day workshop entails. At the end of the post, I list the dates of all this year’s 5-day workshops. Each day I will do a short demo of what I want you to work on that day. The following photos are all demonstrations done in […]

This Monday, February 18, we were at the Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility In Petaluma California. Here is a step study of my demonstration. I first cover my surface with big puzzle pieces, (the back mountain, the left hand distant trees, etc.), each being a different color and each color related to one another.  The sky […]

This is a painting of Lisa Skelly, who owns Huse/Skelly Gallery on Balboa Island) in the garden of the Mission San Juan Capistrano.

  Here is a demo I did from life in my studio under artificial lights. There is no color information in this photo reference as you can see. I have applied everything I have learned from painting on location over the last 35 years. First of all, I have organized all my lights and darks. […]