Mondays With Camille


This Monday, February 18, we were at the Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility In Petaluma California. Here is a step study of my demonstration. I first cover my surface with big puzzle pieces, (the back mountain, the left hand distant trees, etc.), each being a different color and each color related to one another.  The sky is the lightest as it relates to all the colors on the ground. If I have a white object in this scene, that would be the lightest and brightest color note. In this case I don’t so the sky was the lightest. This isn’t the case in the photo I took but on location the sky was the lightest.

Picture of Scene and Final Painting

DDB51687-25F2-437F-A8D4-5596B0B6BCD9  48E0D558-B75E-4D03-9335-5173F75167CB

First Lay In



Second Pass over where I modify the first lay in



Ta-Da – the painting finished in the studio. Painting is available at demo prices


Here are pictures of my students. As you can see, we had a beautiful, sunny day.

AC66CE95-7689-477D-8BE2-D4E6D9F11A85     IMG_3226

Some of my beginning students were working on a simple still life set up in full sun. This is a quick demo I did for my students of this still life. The white vase is the lightest shadow and the white in light is the brightest and lightest. I have painted my blue block a warm color because it is in the light. I have made sure that I have made all the light planes warm and lighter than any of the shadows planes. Please note that the mulch in the distance is in the light so I painted it a warm color.

IMG_3227  B3EC4163-DD9C-4795-972C-81DA53ECBEA3


3 Responses to “Mondays With Camille”

  1. Love your new blog Camille. The pictures and descriptions of your demo are excellent!

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