Anatomy of a Workshop


In this post, I am going to describe what my 5-day workshop entails. At the end of the post, I list the dates of all this year’s 5-day workshops. Each day I will do a short demo of what I want you to work on that day. The following photos are all demonstrations done in a workshop.

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The first two days, we start by painting simple still lives. We concentrate on organizing our lights and darks, getting an accurate drawing, and painting the difference of color between all the objects. The focus of this workshop is getting a strong start. As my husband says, “If you don’t get a good start, you’re finished.” We start by using a palette knife to apply our colors.

The third day, we go on location to a neighborhood and paint houses surrounding by foliage. As you can see, the houses are just blocks on the landscape. At this point, the student can use a palette knife or a brush. As we progress through the week, we are getting more complicated and trying to apply the simple concepts introduced in the first two days.



The fourth day, we go on location again and paint the landscape without buildings. Here we are focusing on painting the aerial perspective and the illusion of depth in a painting.



The fifth and final day, we paint the figure outdoors. We are still painting basic shapes and not getting involved in features.


Here are my current list of 5-day workshops scheduled for 2019:

Scottsdale Artists’ School    April 15-19.

Petaluma, California    May 13-17

Petaluma, California    August 12-16.

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