Mondays with Camille – March 11, 2019


Here is a picture of the scene in Petaluma at Shollenberger Park. It was a beautiful, sunny day. We are all anticipating the coming Spring.


On Monday, our class focused on composition. I did three possible small sketches of the scene. The first drawing below is the first composition, followed by a color study.

35F1E201-DC62-44DC-9709-64F6BCF1E44A  5322A9BA-EDCD-469D-8785-5FBFD6049FBD

Here is the second compositional drawing and color sketch.

EF37F991-4CF9-4D67-9E6C-D17166DDA31C  7514693B-BCFD-4A3E-8C84-BF63C87BF89A

And finally, the third compositional sketch. No sky, just the pathway and the surrounding foliage.

AF95B64E-D3AB-457C-841A-0F0E374B5247  7FDBAF2F-8D81-4645-9B37-C2EC7714B6C8

These were done fast and started to give me an idea of what my final painting will look like. I also suggested that my students divide their canvases into thirds (horizontally and vertically) so they would avoid having their compositions be too symmetrical; or at least, be aware of that if they were.

6 Responses to “Mondays with Camille – March 11, 2019”

  1. What are thing things you look for to decide which of the three studies is the “best”? Other than helping to avoid obvious errors, how do you decide?

    • I look for the best and most interesting design. I liked the first composition but that doesn’t mean I can’t make the other two work. I just want my students to push themselves and try various compositions. I recommend the book Edgar Payne “Composition of Outdoor Painting.

  2. 5 Sandy Howell

    I love how you do an outline ! Is the outline painted with black paint ? And do you just paint over it once you being to add color?

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