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Here are three figure studies done outdoors. My goal was to organize the lights and darks and paint these figures in full sun. I exaggerated the warmth of the light planes and initially put a warm pink color to indicate the blue in sunlight and then modified it with a light blue the same value. […]

Developing Larger Paintings Even with a large painting, I set up on location because, from a colorist point of view, there’s no substitute for working from nature. The first 12″ x 16″ study for the larger painting, “Afternoon Mustard” 24″ x 36″ was done in about 2 hours, with my regular plein-air setup. Next, for […]

Here is a step study of my painting, “Parking Lot Splendor.” The photo of the actual scene hints at how so much of the composition and color relationships I arrived at in the finished piece are due to its having been painted on location.

Here is a painting of a house in a charming neighborhood in Petaluma, CA, where I live. Shown below is a photo of the actual scene, along with a couple of steps leading up to the finished painting. As you can see, there is no significant color information in the photo. The colors I have […]

Here is a quick study (Twenty Minute Study) I did in the first few weeks of the January month-long Egeli workshop in Maryland. In the morning, we drew from the nude model and in the afternoon we painted the figure in north light. Here is a color sketch (Study of Trystan) and the finished painting […]

Cedric and Joanette Egeli are the only instructors that are teaching the figure in space. This is what we are focusing on. He had us draw a table in space just to make sure that we were seeing objects in perspective. Here us a 15 minute post I did this morning.

Art is everywhere. This is one painting in my room by Steve Perkins. He studied with Henry Hensche and this is a developed study. I am excited to start the workshop tomorrow. I am going to try to blog throughout this month. More to come.