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On this cloudy day, we painted the wetlands in back of the Sheraton Hotel in Petaluma. On a gray day, the sky is usually the lightest area unless there is white object in the scene. The shadow notes on a gray day tend to be warmer than the light planes. The sun was coming from […]

We didn’t meet this Monday so I am going to do a step study from my Friday morning Figure class. In the first lay in, I organized light and shadows. Because I was teaching, I didn’t finished my first pass during the 20 minute pose. Second 20 minutes, I finished laying in the first color […]

It was raining outside so we did still life study inside under artificial light. Sorry, the photo of the start isn’t very good as I forgot to take one. This photo of the start was taken by one of my students. In my first lay in, I broke down the study into big shapes. The […]

  This Monday, I focused on big shapes. My demonstration was of reeds at Shollenberger Park in Petaluma, CA.  I didn’t start by painting the individual stalks but saw them as big masses that needed to stay in the foreground. The trees in the back were very blue because of the atmosphere in the air […]

Here is a picture of the scene in Petaluma at Shollenberger Park. It was a beautiful, sunny day. We are all anticipating the coming Spring. On Monday, our class focused on composition. I did three possible small sketches of the scene. The first drawing below is the first composition, followed by a color study.   […]

We went to Shollenberger Park and the day started out gray, with a sky filled with wonderful clouds.  As I was painting the gray day, the sun came out. As I suggest to all my students in these changing situations, be prepared with two panels so you can go from gray to sunny. The top […]

I never tire of painting this Petaluma, CA location. These are three paintings of the same view. Each painted in very different light keys. Light Key:  Late Afternoon The colors are oranger than the morning light.   Light Key:  Gray Day  Colors are subtler.   Light Key:  Early Morning Sun  Colors are softer than the […]

Each month, I feature a painting at a special rate. The painting below is this month’s painting. Easton Landscape, 9″ x 12″  To find out the special price, go to my website:

In this post, I am going to describe what my 5-day workshop entails. At the end of the post, I list the dates of all this year’s 5-day workshops. Each day I will do a short demo of what I want you to work on that day. The following photos are all demonstrations done in […]

This Monday, February 18, we were at the Ellis Creek Water Recycling Facility In Petaluma California. Here is a step study of my demonstration. I first cover my surface with big puzzle pieces, (the back mountain, the left hand distant trees, etc.), each being a different color and each color related to one another.  The sky […]